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3 Amazing places for shopping inside Brazil

March 02, 2019

3 Amazing places for shopping inside Brazil

Brazil has always been one of the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world, but Brazil's fascinating landmarks and nature have not only attracted these tourists, but also the world-class shopping centers and shops of all types, brands and price

1- RUA OSCAR FREIRE – Oscar Freire Street

Located in Sao Paulo
What distinguishes this place is the terrible diversity of products and activities between clothing and accessories and other products in addition to cafés, restaurants and hotels, you do not have to get out of the street to get anything you want

RUA OSCAR FREIRE – Oscar Freire Street شارع اوسكار فريري Brazil Brasil البرازيل


Located in Rio de Janeiro
If you are a fan of the arts, this place will take your mind. This area offers everything from the beginning of the various cafés in its design to the boutiques spread to the shopping centers in the area, as well as the cinemas and theaters that spread the bohemian culture

 SANTA TERESA DISTRICT   منطقة سانتا تريزا البرازيل Brazil Brasil

3- RUA 25 DE MARCO – 25 March Street

Located in Sao Paulo
If you're looking for savings while shopping, this place is definitely right for you, located in the center of Sao Paulo and has many shops and shops, small and small shops at low prices and saved, this place is very busy all the time

RUA 25 DE MARCO  شارع 25 مارس Brazil Brasil البرازيل