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Arab Stars and Celebrities Praise "Metro Brazil"

October 15, 2019

Arab Stars and Celebrities Praise

A group of Arab stars and celebrities, including Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdel Nour, praised the quality of services and goods offered by an electronic store specialized in Brazilian products named "Metro Brazil"

The views of a group of famous Arab women and celebrities who posted through their personal accounts on social media were posted videos about the “Metro Brazil” and the quality of its goods and services.

Among the most prominent artists who expressed their admiration for Metro Brazil, are Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdel Nour, Emirati broadcaster Roaa Al Sabban, Kuwaiti actress Amal Al Awadi, famous Kuwaiti doctor Kholoud Al Zahr, and Kuwaiti journalist Noha Nabil.

Most of the products that the women expressed admiration were related to women's clothing, especially “corsets” where they assured that it is characterized by high quality competitive and affordable.

The Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdel Nour through video address the audience: "Hi everyone, frankly today, I have a secret. I want to tell you, it has to do with many of the messages that I received on Social Media asking me how to keep me fit," Especially since about a year ago she had a child.

Added " Today I want to tell you to be very realistic and honest. Any woman needs 4 to 9 months to get her body regains agility. Of course, you need to take care of diet, eat certain things, drink water, do sport and consult a doctor. This is all true and very good.''

She continued: “Today I want to tell you about a solution that helped me until I was able to reach a result.” She pointed out that after the birth she was invited to many occasions, which had to wear dresses, and the appearance of her belly causes embarrassment seems visible on her face, explaining that the use of corsets reduces more than 3 sizes, without appearing under the clothes, explaining that she used the dark Red color and got it from “Brazil Metro”

 As for the Kuwaiti poet and informational, Noha Nabil, she said through a video published through her account on "Snapchat" that she had tried "corsets" of all kinds, whether Chinese or other those that appear under the clothes, explaining that the best ever Are Brazilian corsets.

Noha Nabil pointed out that the best corsets are Luba brand, explaining that they are light and are worn in the summer and winter without giving a feeling of heat, as well as the presence of silicone around the waist to prevent the corset during walking, noting that it has all the colors of it and got it from Brazil Metro.

 It is worth mentioning that Metro Brasil offers its services in three languages: Arabic, English and Portuguese which is the official language in Brazil. The site is dedicated to international standards and provides a safe shopping environment for its customers.

Metro Brazil: Official member of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

The store has acquired exclusive agencies for many of Brazil's most famous brands, making it the only gateway to its products in the Middle East.

Due to the great success of the e-shop, it has become an official member of the Arab-Brazilian Joint Chamber of Commerce.

Metro Brazil مترو برازيل عضو في الغرفة التجارية البرازيلية