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Brasilia.. The modern city which looks like a Plane from sky!

December 29, 2018

Brasilia.. The modern city which looks like a Plane from sky!

The Modern Brazilian Capital “Brasilia”, the city which been fully finished in just 41 months! the
constructions started at 1956 in the president Jucelino Kubitschek time, and it is the same year.

that Kubitschek take over the throne, he ordered to build the city and move the capital from Rio
to Brasilia.
This decision was an economic revolution for Brazil to enhance Brazil’s economic situation, and
move the capital to the center of Brazil to be near of all of the other cities, in addition to the
heavy crowd of Rio De Janeiro and better distribution of wealth and population.
The city has been designed in the form of a huge plane, you can only see it from the sky, it has
been designed by the Brazilian designer Lucio Costa.

Brasilia is considered one of the most beautiful and clean city on the world, and any type of
solution industries is prohibited, in addition to building a 48km lake to purify the atmosphere and
bring moisture due to the dry nature of Brasilia area.

Brasilia is considered a masterpiece in architecture, because of its wonderful buildings, bridges
and facilities as the Brazilian Congress building, The National Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral
and Jucelino Kubitschek Bridge.

Brasilia population now stands at close to 3 millions, in compare of Rio de Janeiro which contains
7 millions and Sao Paulo with 13 millions.
Brasilia was officially declared as the new capital of Brazil on 21 April 1960.