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Brazilian Embroidery and its Steps

July 10, 2018

Brazilian Embroidery and its Steps

Have you ever heard of embroidery in Brazil? Do you want to get information about the Brazilian embroidery? Do you know what are the steps of the Brazilian embroidery? If one of these questions is going on in your mind, the answer will be found in the lines of this article.

Embroidery is one of the arts which appeared in France in the early eighteenth century, where its beginning was on clothes of France kings who tried to monopolize it but they failed. Embroidery quickly became widespread among ordinary people and it reached the United Kingdom as well; due to its splendor and beauty, it spread to the rest of the world.

When embroidery arrived in Brazil, the Brazilians added their magical touch to the art so it became one of the features that distinguishes Brazil from the rest of the countries in the world.

Brazil has established embroidery schools, which have given wonderful models and projects. The school trained many of girls to this wonderful art.

However, Brazilians are the first users of high-gloss silk threads in embroidery.  So that, Brazilian embroidery is different from other kinds through its innovative technologies.

Brazilian embroidery is suitable for roses, leaves and for decorating clothes, bedspreads, paintings, and other things. 

التطريز البرازيلي، البرازيل، الفن البرازيلي، خطوات التطريز البرازيلي

What are the Tools of Brazilian Embroidery?

Brazilian embroidery is one of the arts that does not require a large number of tools. everyone can get them and now we will talk about the tools of the Brazilian embroidery.

1- Embroidery's cloth:

It is one of the most important tools of embroidery, that an open fabric must be used at the beginning of learning Brazilian embroidery because it is easier for work. After that, when girls learn how to embroider professionally, they learn to use other types of cloth.

2- Embroidery's needle:

 Embroidery's needle is a tool that can never be abandoned. It must be of a tapered tip with an oval and long hole. This needle has several shapes of which are straight or crooked on the tapered side. However, the tapered needle's tip plays a major role in penetrating any kind of fabrics.

3- Embroidery's collar:

Embroidery's collar is one of the most prominent tools that are used. it plays a large role in pulling the cloth together during the process of embroidery. It consists of a pair of hoops, that tightens cloth together. This collar has multiple shapes including: circle or rectangle shape. It may be also made of plastic or wood but the cloth must be removed from the embroidery collar in order to avoid any damage to the cloth.

4- Satin ribbons:

These ribbons add splendor and beauty to embroidery. They have different shapes and colors. However, green is the most common used color for them.

5- Embroidery's threads:

Embroidery threads are one of the most important tools which play a major role in embroidery, giving it a magical touch. Embroidery threads are usually made of silk or cotton.

6- Scissors:

Scissors is one of the essential elements in the embroidery process. It must be present and available for everyone who wants to learn this beautiful art.

7- Beads:

It is one of the distinctive embroidery tools which gives magic and attraction to the piece, that is being embroidered. It adds elegance with attractive beauty.

التطريز البرازيلي، البرازيل، الفن البرازيلي، خطوات التطريز البرازيلي

General Instructions for Brazilian Embroidery:

In order to have a successful Brazilian embroidery, the process must be commitment to a set of instructions. The most important of these instructions are as follows:

1)- Prepare the tools of embroidery and collect them in a box then put the box in a certain place.

2)- The right needles should be chosen to suit the thickness of the thread and the cloth.

3)- The appropriate length of thread should be also chosen.

4)- The thread must be cut exclusively with scissors when the process of embroidery is done, and should not be cut by teeth or hand.

5)- The collar must be used during the Brazilian embroidery process.

6)- Be sure to fix the thread from the beginning of the stitches and at the end as well.

7)- Be careful to tighten the thread as appropriate during the process of Brazilian embroidery.

8)- Stitches should remain naturally without any pressure during the process of embroidery.

Steps of Brazilian Embroidery:

1)- stitch the circle:

Stitching the circle is the first step of Brazilian embroidery where the thread is removed from the first point and entered to the second one. After that, we get it out of the first point then warp the thread on the needle. The more rolls we do, a larger circle will be.

2)- Wrap the thread around the finger:

This is the second step of Brazilian embroidery. We follow the same steps as before but the difference is that the thread is wrapped around the finger then the resulted circle is inserted into the needle until we reach the required number of rolls.

3)- The third step of the Brazilian embroidery is similar to the second step. However, the difference is that we work now with two threads instead of one where we take the right thread and wrap it on the finger, then we enter the ring into the tip of the needle. After that, we wrap the left thread on the finger and insert the ring into the tip of the needle. We repeat the process until we get the required number of rolls.

4)- Then, we do a straight stitch at a certain length, for example, 5 cm and we enter the thread in the first point, then get it out of the second point.

5)- Then we do what is called" Pistil Stitch ", which is a straight stitch ending with a French knot and we make it by getting out the needle on the fabric's surface at the first point and we wrap the thread on the needle twice or three times to make the Brazilian knot. After that, leave a distance of 4 cm then enter the needle under the second point.

6)- The sixth stitch: the stitch of paper:

In order to make this stitch, we must remove the thread from the first point to the second point which is appointed on the third part in the middle line of the paper. We continue working alternately from right to left until we complete working on the whole paper.

7)- The seventh stitch:Couching:

It is specialized for making branches. It is made by inserting the thread and getting it out according to Latin alphabet order.

8)- Stitch of Branch:

It is one of the most important Brazilian embroidery stitches. It is used in making flowers' branches, trees and identifying shapes. Through this needle, we work by inserting it into the cloth at a slanted angle so that it gets out from the middle of the previous stitch.

التطريز البرازيلي، البرازيل، الفن البرازيلي، خطوات التطريز البرازيلي

Thus, a tour in the world of Brazilian embroidery has come to the end. We hope we have succeeded, providing important information about the Brazilian embroidery and its steps.