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Brazilian Keratin: Its Sorts, Benefits and How to Use it

July 08, 2018

الكيراتين البرازيلي

Keratin is a powerful protein that contains a range of amino acids that benefit hair. These acids transform the coarse hair into soft and smooth hair.

Keratin is a Brazilian discovery, that Brazilians are the first people who discovered this product. It was when they found a plant, containing keratin, a material that is similar to the hair's components. They worked to extract keratin from those plants and treated damaged hair which lacks keratin, such as dry, and shriveled hair.

كيراتين برازيلي شعر أملس، شعر ناعم، شعر صحي

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Keratin?

Brazilian keratin has many benefits, reflecting on women's hair as it contributes to the treatment of ripple and crease hair, making it soft and silky. In addition, Brazilian keratin has a major role in treating hair damage. It also  maintains the health of hair and restores its shine and vitality.

Despite the variety of keratin sorts, the original Brazilian keratin remains the first best product in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Brazilian Keratin has many types and sorts, which we will identify through the following, learning how to use it as well.

What are the Sorts of Original Brazilian Keratin?

1-The First Kind: It is an original Brazilian keratin, which is placed on hair for half an hour then it is rinsed with water very well.

The effect of this type continues from four to six months. However, the most prominent products of this kind of keratin are:


This type is one of the most important and best products that contains the original Brazilian Keratin. It is characterized by its great ability to soften the hair, preventing its damage. It also gives the hair a wonderful shine which contributes to separate light hair by 50 to 60%, while its rate of separation of thick hair is between 30 to 40%. However, the separation rate increases with repeated use. This product is characterized by hair treatment; its rate reaches about 80%.

In order not to adversely affect the health of hair, this product contains low proportion of formalin, which is one of the product's advantages. The percentage of formalin does not exceed 0.002% in the product.

فوائد الكيراتين، كيراتين الشعر، استخدام الكيراتين، تمليس الشعر، الكيراتين البرازيلي


This product is one of the most important kinds of Brazilian keratin. It is original and suitable for thick and shrivelled hair, that is similar to the African curly hair. It contains a distinctive amazing combination since this kind of thick hair needs an extra amount of separation more than normal hair,due to lack of keratin in hair which contributes to have more shrivelled hairs.

The product is characterized by transforming rough curly hair into soft, shiny and smooth. The hair will be healthy and vital with a great shine.

It is used by placing the product on hair for half an hour then is rinsed well with water. One of the product's advantages is the decrease of formalin's proportion, which does not exceed 2%.


This kind of keratin is one of the most important and best kinds of Brazilian original keratin. This product has been dedicated to damaged hair that is tired of repeated use of pigments.Through this kind of keratin, your healthy, vital and shinning hair is back again, where damage goes irrevocably.

However, the separation rate by this product reaches 70% to 80%, while the proportion of hair treatment is up to 70% or 80%.

This sort of keratin is characterized by its deep access to hairs' bulbs pili NA, treating it where it converts wavy hair into smooth. The proportion of formalin in this product is about 1.7%, which is also a little percentage.

الكيراتين البرازيلي، طريقة استخدام الكيراتين، تسبيل الشعر، فوائد الكيراتين


This kind of keratin is one of the most important sorts of keratin. It is distinguished from the previous products since it contains keratin,water of gold and honey. Thus, it contributes to give a high quality to damaged hair.

Due to the excessive use of pigments, which contain chemicals that lead to hair damage, this type of Brazilian original keratin handles the unhealthy hair. It cures damaged, dry and brittle hair and makes it soft. This product separates hair with a rate of separation reaches 70% to 80%, while the rate of hair treatment in general is between 70% to 80%.

2)-The Second Kind: It is an original Brazilian keratin,that is placed on hair for a whole day,then it is washed with water well. This type of keratin affects hair for a period of four months to six. However, the period varies depending on the type of hair. Some of the world's leading keratin products of this kind are as the following:


 This product is one of the most important products that contains the original Brazilian Keratin. It contributes in giving your hair a great softness in addition to making it healthy and strong, which gives a wonderful shine. If the hair is not heavy, this kind of keratin separates hair for up to 70%. If the hair is intense, the separation's rate reaches 50%. It also treats damaged hair by 85%, while the proportion of formalin is low that is only 2%.

الكيراتين البرازيلي، فوائد الكيراتين، طريقة الاستخدام، تمليس الشعر


This product is one of the most important products that contains the original Brazilian Keratin. This product is completely free of formalin. It includes 25 carats of golden water. This kind of keratin treats damaged and brittle hair, that gets the hair's beauty and elegance back. In addition, a great and amazing strength and shinning are all back.

The rate of separation, using this product is between 10% to 20%, while the treatment's rate for hair ranges from 80% to 90%. Because it is free from formalin, it is regarded as the best product and the best-selling in the world.

Thus, we can find that the original Brazilian keratin has a great role in maintaining the health of hair and getting back its' strength and luster.

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided important information about Brazilian keratin types and kind, its' benefits and methods of use.