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Cyrine Abdelnour Wears Metro Brazil Corsets

November 05, 2019

Cyrine Abdelnour Wears Metro Brazil Corsets

A year after giving birth to her baby boy, Cristiano, Cyrine’s fans ask for the secret on how she got back in shape so quickly.

Although Cyrine stressed on the importance of a proper diet, hydration, and exercise, she reveals through her Instagram stories that Metro Brazil’s corsets were her little secret in aiding her body to return to its pre-pregnancy glory.

As a star who needs to attend several events, Cyrine tells her fans that Metro brazil corsets gave her the confidence and comfort to step back into the spotlight since they make you appear 3 sizes smaller. She describes them to be firm and comfortable and enjoys the fact that they are seamless.

Cyrine explains that she has different types of corsets that she wears depending on her outfit of the day and would not have been able to reshape her body so quickly without them.