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Festa de Peão The Cowboy Culture

September 28, 2019

The Festa do Peao is a celebration of cowboy culture Brazil metro brazil مترو برازيل البرازيل كاوبوي

The Festa do Peao is a celebration of cowboy culture of the interior regions of Brazil that began 58 years ago, when a group of riders organised a small horse riding competition. It is now the world's second largest rodeo. The town of Barretos hosts the event for 10 days mid-August, 

A giant 27m high metal statue of a cowboy welcomes you to the rodeo grounds. Posing in front of it is almost mandatory for all visitors. 

Keeping on top of a jumping and twisting bull is not easy. It takes great physical and mental strength. The cowboy style knows no age. Some children as young as eight practice by riding sheep. Women at the rodeo take part in a discipline called barrel racing, a timed competition between three barrels on horseback.

A cow's horn is blown to announce that dinner is ready. Typical cowboy food, grilled cuts of beef and beans, is served. There are bars, shops and all kinds of cowboy-related attractions. At the festival you can find almost anything: boots made with fish scales from the Amazon and even, as pictured, stuffed bulls' heads to decorate the living room.

Nearly one million people pass through the festival gates during the ten days.