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FRUIT DE LA PASSION ... Luxury Brazilian Lingerie Enters Middle East Market via Metro Brazil

October 25, 2019

FRUIT DE LA PASSION ... Luxury Brazilian Lingerie Enters Middle East Market via Metro Brazil

With the growing interest in luxury brands in international markets, the Brazilian lingerie star shines as one of the best lingerie in the world.

One of the most famous and unconventional brands of Brazilian lingerie is FRUIT DE LA PASSION. It offers Brazilian hand-made lingerie to the highest international quality standards to ensure you look sexy and comfortable.

FRUIT DE LA PASSION uses high-quality fabrics and materials in all of its products that entirely hand-made, and each Brazilian lingerie offers multiple colors and sizes to suit all tastes and ages.

FRUIT DE LA PASSION usually introduces two or three new collections each year with unique and exclusive designs, relying on Brazilian designers specializing in luxury and unconventional brands.

Videos from the launch of some new collections of FRUIT DE LA PASSION

FRUIT DE LA PASSION, the leading luxury lingerie brand in Brazil, is one of the most famous and best-known brands in the world of fashion, especially lingerie in the world.

Fruit de la Passion strives to provide luxury products for those with a taste, in line with the latest fashion in the world of lingerie, to provide you with products can not be found in any other mastery and accuracy in design, and high quality in manufacturing and materials used.

FRUIT DE LA PASSION was limited to their own showrooms in local markets and malls in Brazil and is now expanding around the world. It has been chosen to enter the Middle East market through the famous Metro Brasil website, which specializes in marketing Brazilian products in the Middle East!