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Happening now.. What to expect in Rio Carnival 2019?

March 04, 2019

Happening now.. What to expect in Rio Carnival 2019?

The annual Rio de Janeiro carnival began this year on March 1 and is one of the largest, if not the largest carnivals and celebrations in the world. People go out on the streets during this five-day carnival to celebrate and dance

In addition to the best dance reviews and paragraphs to be presented, the Rio de Janeiro annual carnival brings millions of people from Brazil as well as from around the world. The Rio Festival is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the world's largest gathering

Carnival with an African taste

Many Brazilians come from Africa because Portuguese brought them to work in Brazil during the Portuguese colonization, who were involved in building the annual Rio Carnival and most Brazilian music inspired by African culture

So the Rio Carnival this year highlights this particular thing

Rio Carnival 2019 كرنفال ريو 2019

Samba schools revolution

This year's Rio Carnival focuses on the Brazilian Samba schools, which have a great role in organizing interesting performances of various types of samba dances during carnival events

This year's Carnival will be a revolution for new learners in these schools to reveal their talents

Rio Carnival Balls

One of the most famous parts of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is held in many places in Rio but most famous in the Copacabana Palace

Dancers decorate the best dance clothes to carry out unique reviews and visit these many famous art galleries around the world

Street Shows

They say that street shows are the heart of the carnival, if you do not have enough money to attend special festival episodes you can just stroll around the streets of Rio to enjoy these shows

They are turning the city into a pulsating heart