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Postpartum Corsets.. How to pick the best ones

January 13, 2020

Postpartum Corsets.. How to pick the best ones

The pregnancy period ends and the suffering with the body shape changing begins, some women may start having some sagging and the cracks postnatal, and postpartum corsets are now one of the most effective ways to help fixing such problems, and therefore you should not tolerate choosing the appropriate corset, and in the following post we’ll give you some advice to help you choose the right postpartum corsets for you.

Benefits of postpartum corsets

  • Stimulating body muscles to function normally again.
  • Provides very flexible skin and simple pressure that helps relieve the pain of uterine contractions.
  • Help ease movement after the operation and relieve pain.
  • Lose weight faster.

Types of postpartum corset

Belly Wrapper: A corset that wraps or a wide band covering the body from the ribs to the hips, gently presses the area, and is flexible.

Belly wrapper corsets

Belly Wrapper from Lupa Selim

Abdominal compression binder: One of the best types of girdles especially after caesarean section, as it is characterized by being completely devoid of any ornaments that leave an impact on the abdomen, which is a belt or medical tapes intended for women who underwent a caesarean section, presses the abdomen in a medium way and remains stable.

Waist Belts: Waist belts sculpt the body shape by covering the entire middle section, and is commonly used among celebrities in non-birth conditions as well.

Postpartum corset

Postpartum corset

Corsets: There are many types of corsets in stores, but it is necessary to take into account the need to choose a type specifically designed to get rid of the effects of pregnancy and childbirth for women after surgery, so choosing the best types of girdles after childbirth is an effective solution to recover quickly and get a tight and ideal body As before.

Postpartum Corsets

Bermuda corset from Luba Selim

Hint: To get better results, It is recommended to wear postpartum corset for at least 30-60 days.

Postpartum Corsets features

  • Comfortable to wear and take off even after long hours wearing
  • Completely transparent and does not appear from under your clothes, giving you more freedom to wear what you want
  • It provides comfortable and balanced pressure for back support
  • Using Hydrophilic technology to allow the skin to breathe freely

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