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Samba.. Brazil Heart & Soul.

January 14, 2019

Samba.. Brazil Heart & Soul.

Samba is considered one of the sacred dances of the Brazilians. It first appeared in the 19th century and is popular and famous from that time until now, to become one of Brazilian customs and traditions

Samba dance is one of the very distinctive dances and does not have a particular style or style, but many styles and types of samba, there are about 7 types of basic dance Samba is as follows:

Samba no pe: It is a traditional single-acting samba dance performed by only one person

Samba Axe: It is a relatively modern genre. It was released in 1992, and it is also a solo dance but with random movements, not stereotypical movements such as the previous genre

Samba de Gafieira: The movements of this dance are relatively taken from the Argentine Tango dance, and it is considered one of the hardest samba dances because its movements are complex and difficult

السامبا.. قلب البرازيل النابض! Samba.. Brazil Heart & Soul.

Samba Pagode: It is the slow and quiet type of samba dance, and is performed by two partners, usually a man and an artist

Samba Reggae: One of the most popular types of samba dances, it is based on high and harmonious drum tones

Samba de Roda: This dance mainly depends on clapping and singing more than music

Samba Rock: A type that mixes many of the previous samba dances

At the beginning of the samba dance, it was an individual dance, but with the development and progress of time, it was developed and became a dances and a collective to add more fun and professionalism in the implementation, Until the concept of samba dance is to enjoy singing and dancing with your partner and not alone, the types of single samba dance are displayed only during the various shows