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The difference between the corset and the normal dress

May 01, 2019

The difference between the corset and the normal dress

Many people do not know the importance or method of how the corsets work, it is quite different from the normal dress for several reasons as follows:

1- The Corset

The corset is not made of ordinary fabric, but it is made in the manufacture of many types of fibers, strong and rubber as well as strong wires, and has a unique and special sense.

The corset is smaller than your original size by three or four degrees and is also worn with difficulty. The task of the brace is to compress excess fat and redraw the body

2- The normal dress

Normal dress is made mostly of one type of fabric, whether cotton or fiber of all kinds, can not do the work of the corset no matter how tight

Normal dress should be perfectly suited to your body in terms of size, if smaller than your natural size will not be good at all

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