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Unique Animals in Brazil

January 21, 2020

Unique Animals in Brazil  حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل

The Amazon Rainforest is known for its diversity in plants and animal life. Home to some of the most incredible creatures on the Earth, here some of its most unique animals:

Jaguarundi:It is a wild cat species, its size is bigger than a house cat, with a long slender body, shorter legs and a small flattened head with short rounded ears, the cat is often described as having a weasel-like appearance.

Unique Animals in Brazil Jaguarundi يغورندي حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل


Rhea:Rhea is the second largest species of flightless bird native to South America. These flightless birds use their long, powerful legs to outrun trouble. Although their large wings are useless for flight, they are used for balance and for changing direction as the bird runs.

Rhea Unique Animals in Brazil حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل ريا الريا


Maned Wolf: It is one of the unique forms of animal found on this planet. It looks like wolf but it is actually a large fox. The maned wolf is actually not a wolf but a large fox and is the only species of its kind.

Maned Wolf حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل الذئب ذو العرف


Tapir: A tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile nose trunk.

Tapir Unique Animals in Brazil حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل التابير حيوان شبيه بالخنزير


Capybara:Capybara is the largest rodent, inhabits savannahs and river forests of South America. The capybara rodent is hunted for its meat and one of the favourite food of jaguar, puma and anaconda.

Capybara Unique Animals in Brazil حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل كابيبارا


Pink Dolphin:Pink Dolphin is a Amazon river dolphin live in the river systems of Brazil. The Amazon river dolphin is species of toothed whale and one of the largest species of river dolphin.

Pink Dolphin حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل الدلفين الوردي


Glass Frogs:Glass frogs are natives to Central and South America and are found in the Amazon Rainforest. This is another creature whose name is a pretty literal indication of a physical feature. The transparent property of the glass frog skin allows you to see through to its organs including the beating red heart.

Glass Frogs حيوانات فريدة في البرازيل الضفادع الزجاجية