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Plus Size Loba Slim Emana Body Shaper Bermuda by Lupo


Loba Slim bermuda by Lupo, made with Rhodia® Emana® technology, it has bioactive crystals that absorb the heat of the human body to return it in the form of long infrared rays. These rays penetrate the skin and interact with the body, stimulating the microcirculation and reducing the signs of cellulite. Snug your waist, pinch your belly, model your thighs and lift your butt. It has extra-up waist with internal silicone border that ensures total adhesion of the product to the body, providing comfort with safety. Gusset of cotton dispenses the use of panties. Besides comfort and beauty provides more health and well being. For best results, it is recommended to use at least 6 hours daily for 60 consecutive days.

- Slims your waist. Will Make you smaller 2 to 3 sizes.
- Firm Control, enhances your curves.
- Reduce your belly.
- Lifts your butt.
- Tightens your body.
- Does not appear under clothes
- Waist with inner edge from silicone.
- Made with Emana® wire stimulate micro circulation, that reduce the signs of cellulite.
- Composition: 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.
- Fabric has the soft and silky touch of the microfiber. The intelligent properties of this wire do not deteriorate after several washes.
- EMANA® is the only product of this kind that has already received the registration Product Health ANVISA (Sanitary Surveillance Agency).
- Made in Brazil.
Weight /الوزن
Height / الطول
  83 – 91 kg
1,7 – 1,83 m
Black, and Natural Color.