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Boni Natural Argan and Linseed Hair Mask

The most powerful and deep formula in the hydration of the threads and hair softness, as it contains:

- Argan oil - Antioxidant, anti-frizz effect and helps split ends

- Linseed Oil - Shine and Hydration

- State-of-the-art vegetable emollients that replace silicon and mineral oil

- Noble and effective conditioning agent

Volume: 250g

How to Use
After washing your hair with Boni Natural's Argan & Linseed Gentle Hydration Shampoo apply the argan and linseed hair mask, strand by strand, from length to ends, massaging them gently. Let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse well. In the end, apply the Argan and Linseed Gentle Hydration Conditioner over the still wet hair, for an even more surprising result.