Corpo a Corpo BB Cream Lotion by Davene Metro Brazil - METRO BRAZIL
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Corpo a Corpo BB Cream Lotion by Davene

  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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  • Davene’s Corpo a Corpo Dermo line is synonymous with transformative care.

    A body represents strength, being, singularity, and beauty, and Corpo a Corpo Dermo is here to help you take care of this fortress with a line of products that focuses on transformative care and the utmost efficiency. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but health must be in every one of us no matter what! Corpo a Corpo Dermo brings you this health by taking care of your hygiene, hydration and treatment with dermocosmetics that act in the deepest layers of the skin with safety and efficacy.

    Corpo a Corpo BB Cream Lotion helps even out your skin tone and disguises imperfections!

    This gentle lotion uses all the power of Microalgae that help your skin tone become harmonious and smoother, together with the technology of Microencapsulated Pigments that, upon application, break apart and spread over your skin, evening out your skin tone and giving your skin a natural and healthy look!

    This vegan BB Cream lotion gives you the smooth, even, healthy-looking skin you deserve!

    Made with Premium vegan ingredients;
    Weight: 150ml
    Authenticity Guaranteed
    Made in Brazil