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Chloé Fancy Panty by Fruit De La Passion Luxury Lingerie

Size: S
Color: Air Blue
Air Blue
  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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Luxurious Laise fabric with double texture to enhance the multi-dimensional design of exotic flowers. Highlight the movement in the frills of the lace that allows modeling located in the "HAUTE COUTURE" style.

- Super luxurious night line with whole pieces of Laise fabric.

- Totally hand Made

- Created with much love and delicacy, thinking of her moments of romance and seduction bathed in a lot of luxury and glamour.

- Also, a great choice for honeymoon and wedding night.

- Ultra Comfort and gentle to your skin

- Completely healthy and free from harmful pigments and rubber that damage your skin

- Totally free of carcinogens.

- A piece carefully developed with richness in detail to provide a lot of sensuality to your moments.

- Best Luxury lingerie from Brazil

- High quality and luxury material

- Unique and elegant design


  • Lasie Fabric - 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane

    Lace  - 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane

    Tule Fabric - 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane

- Below table in our sizes to the from of other countries standard, please look at the details below in centimeters

Size Brasil Size US Waist Hip
P S 67 - 73 cm 93 - 99 cm
M M 74 - 80 cm 100 - 106 cm
G L 81 - 91 cm 107 - 117 cm
GG XL 92 - 102 cm 118 - 128 cm

- Available in three colors. 

- Available in three sizes.

- Only Panties Included, Bra and robe sold Separately.

- Made in Brazil