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Unisex Arm Corset UV Sleeves by Lupo


Lupo Sport Unisex Sleeve acts as a tensor for the arms, It promotes blood circulation, increasing the availability of oxygen and helping in the removal of lactic acid in an efficient way. Provides firm support, with double cuff at the ends, minimizes muscle vibration, swelling, fatigue and cramps. Internal silicone top for added grip and firmness. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems for lasting quality. Made of soft microfiber, produced with Nilit® Breeze wire, it has a cool touch and UV50 + protection, which keeps the user cooler and more comfortable during and after physical activity, even in hot climates. It has Seamless Dry® technology, reducing the point of friction.

Seamless dry: developed with the most modern sewing technology, it reduces the points of friction. has strategic ventilation, placed in critical areas of sweat, providing high thermal comfort.
Antimicrobial: hygiene treatment that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms that cause odors and bacteria.
High compression: developed with different levels of compression that improves muscle balance and body posture.
Breeze technology - Nilit's high performance fiber that provides extreme strength, optimum support, flexibility and softness to the finished product. the use of a super-opaque polymer results in soft touch and greater ventilation. Nilit breeze creates a soft mesh, which provides a feeling of freshness in use.
UV protection: thermal protection and u.v. protection. 50+. developed with Rhodia 6.6 Polyamide microfiber against UVB rays, with soft touch, high thermal comfort, light compression and quick drying.

Make it beautiful in outdoor workouts and races. Use Lupo Sleeve with UV Protection and guarantees great comfort and protection against ultraviolet rays.

- Composition: 94% Polyamide, 6% Elastane

- Genre: Unisex

Internal silicone top for added grip and firmness


S: 23-25 CM / 23-27 CM
M: 26-28 CM / 28-32 CM
L: 29-31 CM / 33-37 CM 


Grey, Red, and Black

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