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Anti-perspirant Deodorant Erva From Natura For Women - 75ml

Ecocompacto is the only product with an innovative technology that allows a compact package with the same yield of a common aerosol and 48% less environmental impact. With a characteristic sensory of the line, Tododia Ecocompact Deodorant offers antiperspirant protection for 24 hours, takes care of the skin and still counts on one of the preferred fragrances of the line.

With a unique formula that guarantees protection for 24 hours, this product deodorizes your skin, prolonging the sensation of post-bath, always with the pleasant fragrance and freshness of fennel.

• Sweat control.
• Antiperspirant and odor protection for 24 hours.
• Dry sensor.
• Does not stain light and dark rupas.
• Protects and cares for the skin.

Contents: 75ml / 46g.

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