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Purita Natural Curls Hair care Kit by Davene

  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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Purity, performance, perfume. Davene’s Purità line was developed to cater to the different needs of different hair types with premium vegan ingredients, ensuring your hair receives all the specific care it needs without sacrificing an ounce of the health, beauty, and elegance it deserves! Its Micellar technology works to gently but deeply cleanse hair of dirt, pollutants, and excess oils without stripping hair strands of all their natural nourishing oils and other nutrients.

For women with wavy and curly hair looking for a vegan line with premium ingredients, our Natural Curls line is perfect!

- Made with Premium vegan ingredients;
- Free of Animal-Derived ingredients;
- Salt, paraben, silicone, dyes, and petrochemicals-free;
- Antipollution and cruelty-free!
- Authenticity Guaranteed
- Made in Brazil

- Kit includes:

  1. Purita Natural Curls Micellar Shampoo 400ml
  2. Purita Natural Curls Conditioner 400ml
  3. Purita Natural Curls Multifunction Gel 300g