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Materne Bust Firming Cream by Davene

  • Davene’s Materne Line offers the best there is in Essential Care for expectant mothers!

    Since the very start, only the best for your skin! Davene’s Materne Line forms a selection of dermatologically-tested, safe products that’ll offer everything in Essential Care that pregnant women and first-time moms might need. With incredible ingredients like Musk Rose Oil and Asian Centella, Davene brings you hydration, nourishment, and a glow to the skin that’ll make this special moment even more special!

    Davene’s Materne Bust Firming Cream keeps your bust and your self-esteem up!

    This Bust Firming Cream has a formula especially developed to firm the skin of the bust, during and after pregnancy! With incredible ingredients like Asian Centella, Vitamin E, Pantenol, and especially the Musk Rose and Avocado oils, this Cream prevents the loss of elasticity and brings you a deep hydration that lasts a full 24 hours! Its Physalis Extract also contains tons of benefits to the skin, such as bringing relief to the feeling of irritation or itchiness.

    This product’s formula was made to minimize as much as possible the occurrence of allergies.

    Weight: 100g

    Authenticity Guaranteed

    Made in Brazil