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Corpo a Corpo Multifunctional Oil by Davene

  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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  • A body represents strength, being, singularity, and beauty, and Corpo a Corpo Dermo is here to help you take care of this fortress with a line of products that focuses on transformative care and the utmost efficiency. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but health must be in every one of us no matter what! Corpo a Corpo Dermo brings you this health by taking care of your hygiene, hydration and treatment with dermocosmetics that act in the deepest layers of the skin with safety and efficacy.

    Corpo a Corpo Multifunctional Oil brings you a wealth of benefits - from hydrating your skin and improving the look of stretch marks, to improving elasticity and combating the emergency of new stretch marks!

    This Multifunctional Oil has a formula carefully designed to improve your skin in many aspects - with Avocado Oil, which is rich in vitamins and has a strong softening, calming, and smoothing effect on skin, and a blend of Vitamins like E and F that work as powerful nourishing agents, this oil does more than hydrate your skin! It helps maintain skin elasticity, reinvigorates and softens skin, and of course improves the appearance of stretch marks!

    This Multifunctional Oil has verified results:

    96% of people noticed a decrease in emergence of new stretch marks;

    100% of people noticed an improvement in the look of skin in general;

    96% of people noticed an improvement in the looks of stretch marks!

    *the efficacy tests lasted 28 days, with women that had complaints about stretch marks.

    Weight: 180ml
    Authenticity Guaranteed
    Made in Brazil