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Ekos From Natura Hydration & Renewal Exfoliating Pulp - 200g

With chestnut oil and other natural proteins, this pulp renews the skin, removing as impurities and dead cells, in addition to moisturize, leaving it soft and fragrant.

Andiroba oil, rich in limonids and terpenes, restores the skin and balances its defense mechanisms. Andirobeira keeps in its seeds a golden oil, the best-selling home remedy in the entire Amazon and popularly known for its therapeutic power.

• With andiroba oil and natural exfoliating particles, this pulp renews the skin, removing impurities and dead cells, besides moisturizing, leaving it soft and perfumed.

• Cashew oil, rich in mega-6 and mega-9, nourishes the skin by stimulating the production of structured proteins to the deepest layers.

** You can use it 2 times per week 

Contents: 200 g.

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