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The MB program* is an employee incentive program for registered
companies. It offers your employees a wide selection of premium Brazilian products ranging from shapewear, to hair care, skin care and more with a special discount promo code. 

By registering your company with the MB program, your employees

1- Benefit from discounts 25% using a special multi purchase promo code.

2- Have easy and early access to exclusive promotions.

Before Proceeding, Make Sure You Accept These Terms And Conditions:

• All information about MB program are confidential and can not be shared with the public, strictly communicated to the corporation and its employees.

• The program is only available to employees of registered companies and therefore it is prohibited to share discount codes with parties not related to the business.

• Coupon codes received through the MB program can not be used with other ongoing promotions.

• Company participation is voluntary and serviced by our dedicated team of client services account executives.

• By signing up to be part of the MB Corporate program, you give us consent to announce the collaboration on our owned assets including website and social media channels.

Apply for MBCP Today!

Contact us for signing up via contact@metrobrazil.com or by filling the following form. Please, Make sure to mention all necessary mandatory information needed about your company/business to be able to process your application and also don't forget to read our program admission terms & conditions list above.

Our business operation team will get back to you within 2 business days.