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Polyamide Basic Running Sport T-Shirt for Men by Lupo

Men Basic Running Sport T-Shirt provides soft touch, breathability and comfort and has the same quality and durability of a standard Rhodia polyamide.

- Short sleeve and round neck design.
- 50+ UV protection against UVA and UVB solar radiation.
- Applied reflect materials that reflect in the dark allowing you to practice your sports activities, especially running, at night safely.
- Composition: 100% Polyamide.
- It is the world's first 6.6 biodegradable polyamide yarn, whose formula has been improved to allow clothes made with this yarn to decompose in less than 3 years.
- Biodegradavek this product made with polyamide yarn that reduces the time of biodegradation of the part to less than three years when discarded in an anaerobic environment as sanitary landfills.
- Available in White, Black, Marine, and Aqua Colors.
- Available in 4 Sizes.
- Made in Brazil