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Brazilian Pen Eyebrow

Is played on this product!
very natural finish
draws eyebrows and disguises flaws
dry quickly

how did i not realize that before? a well-drawn eyebrow with the eyeliner pen can change my look, my face and my life!

this pen is perfect for you to draw your eyebrow and correct minor glitches. it is a wildcard color that adjusts to the different shades and gives a natural look. dries super-fast, does not run off during application and is long lasting. tip: for your styling pen to last longer, always leave it "lying flat" (in the horizontal position). try the eyebrow pen of the one who said, berenice? and ruin it!

How to use
doubt of how to pass the pen in the eyebrow to delineate, berê? pass the pen to the eyebrow where it has small faults, without making force with the tip of the brush, very lightly, as if you were drawing the ones of the same! for those with a clear eyebrow, the tip is to apply very lightly, making fine strokes. next it is only to vanish with the double eyebrow brush or other vanishing brush that will look very natural. this color is for everyone. it only depends on the amount of product you apply.complete with double eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow gel to help fix it.