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Eyeliner Pen Liquid

Is played on this product!
firm and thin tip
superpreta formula
long term

nothing like a outline to make your eyes beautiful and highlighted , right?
we know it's not so easy to do, but have you tried to use the finely drawn pen ? the firm and fine tip helps in the application, which is perfect to do from that fine and delicate stroke to the thickest stroke!

How to use
without pressing, make a dash as close to the eyelashes as possible. the trace may be thin or thicker. try to move with the pen horizontally, to gain more firmness in the trace. ah! try to make small strokes, as if it were a dot, and then turn the stitches on. so it's easier to do that incredible outline! and if you want to make a kitten eye is simple: make a trace of the end of the outer corner of the eye, as if it were a continuation of the line of the lower lashes. try to pass a little bit close to the lower lash line, let your eye overstretched!

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