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Pretolino Liquid Eyeliner

Is played on this product!
freedom to make any kind of trait
a striking feature that all difference.
easy application.

getting those eyes well marked is a dream, right? hitting the line with the eyeliner is not the easiest thing in the world, but nothing that a little training and a make-up remover does not solve. the result pays off in the end.

How to use
the secret is to relax. without pressing, make a dash as close to the eyelashes as possible. the dash can be thin or thicker, what is your style? dare to create different strokes for your eye, thinner, thicker, kitten style, enhanced designs to the amy winehouse ... why not? try to brush horizontally, to gain more firmness in the trace. try to spend a little bit next to the lower eyelash line, leaves the eye overdriven! to make the perfect stroke, just train, use the biphasic makeup remover as your ally, if you make a mistake, just erase and try again!

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