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Natura Makeup Foundation CC Nude Me FPS 25 Una - 30ml

Careful skin makes all the difference. The CC Nude Me FPS One is ideal for all skin tones, with natural finish. The exclusive DetOx + technology has instant hydration, awakens the natural tone of your skin and protects you from daily aggressions, leaving you tired looking and smudging to give you radiant and naturally perfect skin. If you want to achieve perfect skin and look natural, the CC Nude Me FPS Una is the best option.
• Detoxifies and leaves the skin clean and healthy.
• Anti-pollution action against external aggressions.
• It returns the tone and radiance of the skin.
• Disguises imperfections of the face.
• SPF 25 and UVA / UVB protection.
• Does not leave oily skin.
• Immediate Hydration.
• Uniform the tone of the skin.
• Enhances the luminosity of the skin.
• For all tones and skin types.
Contents: 30ml.

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