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Brazilian Liquid Foundation

Uvb and uva solar protection with fps 15
controls the brightness and leaves the skin
average coverage

we want you to shine, not your skin. so, in addition to covering everything you do not want to show, the matte liquid base helps control the brightness and leave your face very dry. with spps 15 and uva ++. the liquid base mate who said, berenice? controls the shine and leaves the skin dry. besides having a very smooth perfume at the time of passing. and there goes the matt liquid base, it has spf 15 that protects against uvb rays, responsible for sunburn, it also has protection against uva rays, represented by the 2 "crosses" (++) of the packaging. uva rays are the ones that cause aging and even skin cancer. it's smart! try using the primer as well . an "over" for your perfect makeup.

How to use
shake liquid base before use. then spread it, spread it! the matte liquid base is lightweight and dries quickly. you can apply it with sponge, base brush or even your fingertips. to be very natural, spread the matte liquid base close to the ear, roots of the hair, between the jaw and neck. it is cool to have a base for winter (lighter) and another for summer (darker) to accompany your tan tone.

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