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Alongamento Brazilian Mascara

Alongamento Brazilian Mascara

If you love long eyelashes, then you'll love this eyelash mask! ah! and it can handle everything: rain, sun, beach, pool and even romantic movie. does not clear and still lasts 24 hours. we tested so many formulas and applicators and found the perfect match. outrageously long and beautiful eyelashes. all for you!

Use as desired the eyelash mask. remember that the more layers you pass, the more scandalous your eyelashes will get! There are several ways to pass, and you can pass on the eyelashes from below and from above. It's very easy, find the best way for you, and play! The more times you apply the mascara to your eyelashes, the bigger the effect on your eyelashes! Try to pass the mascara from the bottom up, doing a "zigzag", you will see that the eyelashes are separated and without lumps. Mascara for eyelashes is worth experimenting like this: Hold the wet cotton of makeup remover over the closed eye and slowly open the eye several times. so eyelashes "wiping" without rubbing the cotton and you do not lose your precious eyelashes day by day!

- Waterproof  

- Intensify and lengthen eyelashes

- Validity: 36 months. (after date of manufacture).

- Volume: 10g

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