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Lupo Cycling Bermuda LS Bike Masculina

  • men's cycling Bermuda.
  • Developed with the most modern SEAMLESS DRY technology that reduces friction.
  • it has strategic ventilation placed in critical areas of sweat, providing high thermal comfort.
  • developed with HIGH COMPRESSION that has different levels of compression that improve muscle balance and body posture.
  • It has EMANA yarn that a clever polyamide yarn that through bioactive minerals incorporated into the yarn, converts body heat into benefits like thermoregulation and activation of microcirculation that improves skin elasticity, reducing appearance of marks and reducing muscle fatigue.
  • Has materials that reflect in the dark allowing you to practice your sports activities at night.
  • Internal padding, more comfort when cycling.


- Available in one color
- Available in four sizes
- Material: composition: 92% polyamide, 5% elastane and 3% polyester. Padding: 60% polyurethane and 40% polyamide.



Made in Brazil