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Ousia 10 in 1 Multi Hair Benefits Cream and Cleanse Shampoo kit

  • Ousia Cosmetic was created by two professional women, seeking high-quality products with innovation and practicality. Ousia’s purpose is to facilitate women’s beauty routine, delivering the best ingredients and results in the most convenient way.


    Ousia Cosmetic Multi Benefits is (much) more than a leave-in. It has a 10 in 1 effect, promoting several benefits, such as nutrition, sparkling shine, split ends repair, and silky touch. Its technology provides immediate sealing, extends the straight effect, and reduces frizz completely. The formula is also a time saver: it contributes to faster blow-drying, instantaneous detangle, and has thermal protection.


    Ousia Cosmetic Soft Cleanse Shampoo promotes a soft and gentle cleanse that doesn’t open hair cuticles and prepares hair for treatments. The formula balances hair’s ph is recommended for daily use and chemically treated hair. It is enriched with bone marrow oil and keratin, preventing damage and dryness and resulting in silky and shiny strands.

    - Extended Straight Effect

    - Immediate Sealing

    - Total Frizz Reduction

    - Silky Touch

    - Thermal Protection

    - Split Ends Repair

    - Instantaneous Detangle

    - Nutrition

    - Sparkling Shine

    - Faster Blow Drying

    - For all hair types normal and dyed hair

    - Kit includes:

    10 in 1 Multi Benefits: 90ml
    Cleanse Shampoo: 250 ml

    - Made in Brazil

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