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4pcs Soap Bars Roses Line Gift Kit by Davene

  • The Rose is the queen of flowers.

    The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world and symbol of those in love, cultivated since ancient times and revered for its elegance, its beauty, and its fragrance. Each color has its own unique meaning, with white meaning purity and lightness, red and black meaning love, passion, and desire, and yellow meaning joy, delight, and affection - it’s plain to see there’s a rose out there for everything! And that’s Davene’s Roses line: bringing the energy, perfume, and elegance of the rose to every moment in your life.

    Made with Rose Oil, rich in cereals and vitamins, hydrating and nourishing, and completely vegan!

    This 4-Soap Kit is the perfect gift for you or someone you love!

    This kit brings you the passion of the red rose, the lightness of the white rose, the joy of the yellow rose, and the elegance of the classic rose all in one package! With a vegan and hypoallergenic formula designed to deeply clean but also bring you the intense fragrance of the most popular and beloved flower in the world, this Kit aims to bring you or someone you care about four opportunities to turn any moment into something a little more beautiful, a little more special.

    Weight: 4x 200g
    Authenticity Guaranteed
    Made in Brazil

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