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Corpo a Corpo Natural Body Oil by Davene

  • Davene’s Corpo a Corpo line brings you efficient hydration in the day-to-day.

    With original perfumes and fragrances, it invites you to invest in a self-care routine where lightness and satisfaction define and reflect the act of taking care of yourself. With formulas rich in ingredients like cotton oil and star fruit, strawberry, grape seed and rose petal extracts, the Corpo a Corpo selection offers the best there is when it comes to hydration, softness and perfume!

    BEAUTIFUL AND NATURAL - Davene’s Corpo a Corpo Natural Body Oil brings you gentleness, softness, and beauty!

    This Natural Body Oil brings the utmost softness to your skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth to the touch. Its floral perfume gives you the delicious sensation of having just taken a shower! This fragrance, together with natural ingredients like almond oil and extract of rose petals, makes for an amazing Body Oil that leaves you feeling invigorated any time of the day!

    Weight: 120ml

    Authenticity Guaranteed

    Made in Brazil