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Lupo Sport T-Shirt LS Bike Masculina

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  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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  • Bike T-shirts with different levels of compression that improve performance, muscle balance and body posture.
  • Greater support to the muscles in the practice of sports activities.
  • Quick dry drying system.
  • Antimicrobial tissue and hygiene treatment that prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms that cause odors and bacteria.
  • Developed with the most modern seamless dry technology that reduces the points of friction.
  • It has strategic ventilation placed in critical areas of sweat providing high thermal comfort;
  • Applying materials that reflect in the dark allowing you to practice your sports activities at night.


- Available in one color
- Available in four sizes
- Material: 86% polyamide, 9% polyester and 5% elastane


Made in Brazil