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The NAZCA PROFESSIONAL BRAZILIAN KERATIN HAIR STRAIGHTENING, through the combination of its active ingredients, provides long-lasting smooth hair, shine, and softness.

Result: Straight hair, with shine and a natural look.


For all hair types

Compatible with all chemicals

Dermatologically tested

Progressive thermal straightening based on amino acids and proteins

*Performance proved by effectiveness tests with the combined use of Anti-Residue Shampoo + Intense Smooth Lotion + Hair Reconstructor.

How to use: After washing the hair with an Anti-Residue Shampoo and drying it completely, divide the hair into four parts and with the help of a brush apply the  Brazilian Keratin in the entire length of the hair, from root to ends, strand by strand. Leave applied for 15 minutes (do not exceed this time). Do not rinse. Dry the hair with the aid of a hairdryer, using the brushing technique. After all the brushing of the hair with the blow drier, straighten the hair with a flat iron heated to 200ºC, 6 to 10 times, along the entire length of the hair, strand by strand (always work with thin strands). This process is essential for the realignment of the hair. Wait for the hair to cool and wash the hair only with warm water to remove the product and apply a Hair Reconstructor (Treatment Mask, or a Conditioner, let it act for 3 minutes and rinse well.

Professional Use; For external use only; This preparation must be used only for its intended purpose, being DANGEROUS for any other use. It should not be applied if there are wounds, abrasions, or irritations on the scalp; This product should not be used on mucous membranes or nearby regions; Wear suitable gloves when applying. Avoid contact with the product with the eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Strictly follow the instructions for use. Before using, always do the touch-proof and the stand test. Always consult your hairdresser. a. Touch proof: Apply a small amount of Brazilian Keratin on the forearm or behind the ear and let it act for 10 minutes and then wash. Wait 24 hours and if during that period itching, burning or irritation occurs in or near the area, hypersensitivity to the product is proven, therefore it should not be used. Remember, every product can cause an allergic reaction, so always do the sensitization test before using. b. Strand test: Separate a strand at the top of the head. Apply a small amount of Brazilian Keratin to this strand and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly until all product is removed. Attention: if after the strand test your hair becomes brittle or without elasticity it is a sign that it is not in good condition for using the product. We recommend that you do weekly hydrations. After 30 days, perform a new strand test. Ideal for all types of hair, as long as they are in healthy condition. The expected result may be different depending on the initial condition of the hair. Compatible with all types of chemicals such as Thioglycolate, Guanidine, Lithium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, and Hennê, as long as the hair is in healthy condition. In colored hair, loss of 1 to 2 shades may occur when the product is applied to the hair. For colored hair with dye above 6.0 tons, do the coloring first and then apply Brazilian Keratin. In the case of dyed hair in dark tones, first do the Brazilian Keratin process, as you can open existing tones in the coloring and then tone the hair with the color of your choice. Do not use hydrogen peroxide above 10 volumes. To use Ammonium staining, wait 15 days. It can be reapplied after 30 days. Keep out of the reach of children. We do not recommend the use of pregnant women, children, or adolescents under 15 years. Do not let the product stay on the head longer than indicated in the instructions for use. Store in a dry, cool place and away from bright light.

 Volume: 1L