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  • The only one with THREE FUNCTIONS !!!


    BLUE: Accelerates chemical processes and reaches deeper layers;

    RED: Potentiates growth and strengthening;

    GREEN: Renews hair fiber and nourishes the hair.


    Blue: Chemical treatment, enhancer.

    Red: Capillary strengthening.

    Green: Capillary regeneration.


    · Speed and agility saving time;

    · Photoactivation of chemical product in the hair strands;

    · Assists in the penetration of chemicals such as discoloration and pigmentation of the hair strands

    · Cold light, does not heat the scalp;

    · Can be used on any type of hair;

    · Durability of chemical processes in the hair, deeper hydration, straight hair for longer, intensity of pigments in the hair;

    · Provide differentiated service to its customers;

    · Helps in the phase of hair growth, making it more resistant;

    · Helps in hair loss processes working directly on metabolism capillary reducing oiliness of the scalp.

    · Cellular stimulation producing more amino acids and collagen, providing capillary renovation.

    · Nourished and reconstructed hair

    · Shinier and softer hair, helping to cauterize the hair strands;

    · Complete absorption of chemicals in hair;

    · Speed and agility in the use of chemical processes;

    · Pause time of chemicals in the smaller hair strands projecting much less the hair fiber;

    · It can be used on any type of hair, without contraindication;

    · In the treatment of seborrhea-dandruff, it helps in the healing of the scalp;

    · Hair with more color intensity in chemical coloring


    - Equipment for professional use
    - Blue cold led light, (light-emitting diode or light-emitting diode)
    - Blue LED light length unit; 450 ± 5 nanometer
    - Red LED light length unit; 600 ± 6 nanometers
    - Green led light length unit 530 ± 6 nanometer
    - Ergonomic and comfortable design
    - This device was designed exclusively to accelerate hair chemical processes
    - If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced immediately by the manufacturer in order to avoid risks
    - When disposing of this equipment, consult local legislation
    - The technical characteristics of this equipment may be modified without prior notice.
    - Voltage: Bivolt 127V or 220V
    - Frequency 50-60 Hz
    - Potency: 5W
    - Color: Gold
    - Product dimensions: 230mm x 230mm x 60mm
    - Cable length: 2,80 m
    - Net weight: 300g
    - Packing Content: Supreme Photon, glasses, Manual, Explanatory Booklet
    - Plug Type: Euro Plug Type C


PID: 5194092413068