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Purita Restorative Pro-Chemistry Mask by Davene

  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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  • Purity, performance, perfume. Davene’s Purità line was developed to cater to the different needs of different hair types with premium vegan ingredients, ensuring your hair receives all the specific care it needs without sacrificing an ounce of the health, beauty, and elegance it deserves!

    Purità, the care and treatment that your hair needs, in the right measure, at the right moment.

    Chemically treated hair needs a more balanced and gentle cleaning process!

    Davane’s Purità Restorative Pro-Chemistry Mask brings you all the benefits of Black Rice and Trehalose, two incredibly naturally restorative ingredients that help balance pH and help protect hair strands, both leaving them ready for mechanical or chemical treatments and gently cleaning and nourishing them in the after as well! And more - this product makes your hair easier to brush and prevents further damage by replenishing lost amino acids and proteins!

    The Purità Restorative Pro-Chemistry Mask acts in 3 steps to restore health to your hair strands:

    1. It repairs damage;

    2. It restores and replenishes lost proteins;

    3. It seals up the cuticles, preventing future damage!

    - Made with Premium vegan ingredients;
    - Free of Animal-Derived ingredients;
    - Salt, paraben, silicone, dyes, and petrochemicals-free;
    - Antipollution and cruelty-free!
    - Weight: 300g
    - Authenticity Guaranteed
    - Made in Brazil