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Purita Straight and Radiant Micellar Shampoo by Davene

  • Purity, performance, perfume. Davene’s Purità line was developed to cater to the different needs of different hair types with premium vegan ingredients, ensuring your hair receives all the specific care it needs without sacrificing an ounce of the health, beauty, and elegance it deserves! Its Micellar technology works to gently but deeply cleanse hair of dirt, pollutants, and excess oils without striping hairstrands of all their natural nourishing oils and other nutrients.

    Purità, the care and treatment that your hair needs, in the right measure, at the right moment.

    Straight or straightened hair needs to be aligned and properly sealed to avoid frizz and allow it the lightness, movement, and most of all the shine it’s known for!

    Davane’s Purità Straight and Radiant Micellar Shampoo brings you all the benefits of its Micellar technology combined with the power of Hibiscus and Cranberries, two ingredients that promote the alignment of hair strands and protect them against excess humidity, ensuring that your hair is shinier and straighter for longer!

    Made with Premium vegan ingredients;
    Free of Animal-Derived ingredients;
    Salt, paraben, silicone, dyes, and petrochemicals-free;
    Antipollution and cruelty-free!
    Weight: 400ml
    Authenticity Guaranteed
    Made in Brazil

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