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AMAZONIA CONTROL High Waist Corset Shapewear Abdominal BERMUDA

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  • It slims the belly area and ensures more comfort for the hip and thigh area, disguising cellulite and preventing chaffing between the legs.
  • The double fabric in the belly area, made with super soft Sensil® polyamide, in addition to slimming and enhancing the waist, improves posture and provides support for the lower back.
  • The mini ribbing prevents the garment from rolling up, providing even more comfort and security.
  • The fabric used in the hip and thigh area is made with anatomical microfiber, which is compact and opaque, making it invisible under clothing.
  • The laser-cut finish adheres perfectly to the body, giving it an invisible effect, and doesn´t roll up, so you can wear the tightest outfits!
  • It has a hydrophilic treatment, for the skin to breathe freely, and a 100% cotton lining.

Plié Amazônia Control is born from the union of the best of the Amazônia and Control lines: they are shapewear with a laser cut finish that hugs the body with comfort and freshness, in addition to a velvety touch and without marking under clothes. These are pieces that enhance the silhouette and bring more confidence with physical and emotional comfort.

Only Bermuda included, bra sold separately.

Composition: 76% Polyamide and 24% Elastane.

Lining: 100% Cotton.

Made in Brazil.

Size Chart:

Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
S 58 - 66 82 - 90
M 66 - 76 90 - 100
L 76 - 92 100 - 116
XL 92 - 112 116 - 130

Fit Recommendation:

- Choose your matching size (neither larger nor smaller).
- If you're between sizes, choose the bigger.
- Contact us for more help.

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