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Plie Duomix PREGNANT Double Bra

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Medium Compression Shapewear

Medium Compression with maintained comfort, ideal for sculpting and defining body curves with complete comfort for daily use.

Bra designed to provide total comfort for moments of care for the body, mind and baby. It has an accentuated neckline with double fabric on the breasts, providing high support for medium and large breasts. It has easy front opening with click closure. No side seams.

- Double breast fabric
- High support for medium and large breasts
- Accentuated neckline
- Balanced compression, with pre-shaped breast area

Size Chart:


Only bra included, Bermuda sold separately.
Composition: 48% Polyamide, 42% Polyester, 10% Elastane

Made In Brazil.

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- If you're between sizes, choose the bigger.
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