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At Metro Brazil, we aim to introduce the world to Brazilian beauty and elegance, and to highlight the quality and luxury of Brazilian products. 

We would be thrilled if you share the same goal and want to contribute to achieving it, as well as obtain gifts and valuable benefits through the Metro Brazil Ambassador Program.


• Regular free gifts worth up to $500.

• Support and sponsorship for content creators and fashion bloggers to introduce their audience to Metro Brazil, and Brazilian products.

• Obtaining financial commissions through the commission marketing system of the Metro Brazil website. Click here to participate in the affiliate marketing program and earn 15% of the value of each order.

For more information check our FAQs page.

Conditions For Joining

The Metro Brazil Program

Apply to Join Today!

Please don’t hesitate to fill out the following application form. We can only respond to requests which includes all the information requested in the form.

Make sure to list the link(s) or the username(s) of all your social media profile account(s), and that it meets our above-mentioned minimum requirements to get accepted.

Check out our social media accounts as well.