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Plie Control High Compression Brazilian Waist Corset

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Double Compression Shapewear

Double Compression (with double fabric) that maintains comfort, ideal for use after surgeries and postpartum recovery.

• Reduces measurements up to 7cm in comfort.

• Improves posture and supports the lower back.

• Front opening with 3 settings.

• 8 flexible fins in galvanized steel and lined.

• Front diagonal fins.

• Values and provides contours of the waist.

• Double fabric with internal reinforcement.

• Lined brackets that do not come in contact with the skin.

 Sizes Waist (cm)
52 - 58
M 58 - 66
L 66 - 76
XL 76 - 92

Fit Recommendation:

- Choose your matching size (neither larger nor smaller).
- If you're between sizes, choose the bigger.
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