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Advanced Unisex Abdominal Support pad for Postoperative Recovery

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Introducing our innovative abdominal support pad crafted from semi-rigid materials, meticulously designed to combat fold formation in the abdomen. Its central segment features a robust reinforcement, strategically engineered to mitigate irregularities and heighten compression in specific zones. Engineered with high-density material, our pad ensures seamless conformity, particularly over bony prominences, guaranteeing symmetrical compression across the entire abdominal area while effectively eliminating any gaps within the central region.

Key Features:
. Semi-rigid material: Provides sturdy support while preventing fold formation.
. Reinforced central segment: Enhances compression and prevents irregularities for a smoother appearance.
. High-density construction: Ensures conformity, especially over bony prominences, for optimal comfort and support.
. Symmetrical compression: Distributes pressure evenly across the abdomen, promoting effective healing.
. Gap-free design: Prevents spaces in the central region, offering comprehensive support.
. Ideal for postoperative recovery: Specifically designed for individuals undergoing abdominal plastic surgery, facilitating optimal healing and contouring results.

Only one pad included, shapewear is sold separately.

Made in Brazil

Experience unparalleled support and comfort during your postoperative journey with our advanced abdominal support pad.