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Advanced Unisex Back Support pad for postoperative recovery

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Introducing our innovative Back Plate, meticulously crafted in three dimensions to apply precise and effective pressure, perfectly accommodating the anatomical intricacies of the back region. Engineered with high-density materials, this plate ensures optimal conformity, even over bony prominences, delivering symmetrical compression throughout the back area while eliminating any potential gaps.

Key Features:

  1. Three-dimensional design: Tailored to exert efficient pressure while accommodating the unique anatomical features of the back region.
  2. High-density construction: Engineered with premium materials to ensure optimal conformity and durability.
  3. Symmetrical compression: Provides uniform pressure distribution across the entire back area, promoting effective healing and support.
  4. Gap-free design: Prevents any spaces or irregularities, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compression.
  5. Ideal for postoperative care: Specifically designed for use after plastic surgery on the lumbar spine, including procedures such as liposuction.
  6. Only one pad included, shapewear is sold separately
  7. Made in Brazil

Experience unparalleled support, comfort, and recovery with our advanced Back Plate.

Fit Recommendation:

- Choose your matching size (neither larger nor smaller).
- If you're between sizes, choose the bigger.
- Contact us for more help.

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