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Fitness Mixed SUPPLEX Sports Bermuda

Mixed Marine
Mixed Black

Fitness Mixed SUPPLEX Sports Bermuda from Plié line with SUPPLEXⓇ was developed so that you have total comfort during your movements. The soft-touch, the lightness of the pieces, and the high breathability of the fabric improve your performance during exercise. Products with SUPPLEXⓇ, in addition to not kneading, do not shrink and keep the colors more vivid for much longer.

- Double and versatile waistband;
- It has high breathability;
- Has compression area on the sides; 
- SUPPLEXⓇ improves performance during exercise.
- Composition: 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex.
- Only Legging Included, Bra Sold Separately.
- Brand: Plie
- Made in Brazil.