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Bermuda shapewear, Brazilian Activewear, greater ventilation and freedom movement

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  • Authentic Brazilian Product
  • Easy Secure Checkout
  • Seamless Dry® high technology microfiber that reduces friction points
  • Special finishing Sanitized®, inhibits the formation and proliferation of microorganisms
  • Strategic ventilation in critical sweat areas, provides high thermal comfort and prolonged freshness
  • Bottom with holes for more ventilation
  • Double ripped waistband with silicone ribbons inside for more stability
  • Available in two colors
  • Available in four sizes
  • Composition:
    96% Polyamide
    4% Elastane
  • Brand: Lupo
  • Made in Brazil

Lupo Bermuda Activewear Arrastão is provided with special technologies that allows greater freedom of movement, more ventilation with complete comfort such as Seamless Dry® high technology, and sanitized® technology. It’s ideal for practicing sports activities and high performance.