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Shades Line Body Sculpture Shapewear Corset Boxer Lace

Size: S
Color: Blush
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High Compression Shapewear

High Compression with maintained comfort, perfect for significantly reducing size while preserving freedom of movement.

Plié Shades is the perfect balance between innovation and sophistication. The extra-fine fabric used in a double way guarantees an immediate modeling effect with greater compression and total comfort. The exclusive fins were developed so that the piece does not wrap and to maintain its impeccable posture and the different points of compression were studied to carve its contours with delicacy. To wrap all this technology with a feminine sensibility, Plié Shades still counts on gloss and satin touch, as well as lace and colors that definitely transform modeling lingerie into pieces of absolute desire.

 Sizes Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
76 - 84 58 - 66 82 - 90
M 84 - 94 66 - 76 90 - 100
L 94 - 110 76 - 92 100 - 116
XL 110 - 126 92 - 112 116 - 130

When wearing, avoid contact with accessories that can pull wires. 

- Effect up the butt
- High part, below the breasts
- It has exclusive fins so that the piece does not wrap
- Double tissue in the abdomen
- Prevents friction between the legs
- Valorizes the waist and reduces measures of abdomen and breeches
- Improves posture and supports the lumbar region
- Rents bring sensuality to your modeler, without marking on the legs
- Fabric with gloss and satin touch
- Extra compression
- Higher elasticity and extra-fine fabric
- Composition: 68% polyamide, 30% elastane and 2% cotton.
- Made in Brazil

Fit Recommendation:

- Choose your matching size (neither larger nor smaller).
- If you're between sizes, choose the bigger.
- Contact us for more help.

- Check our Shipping & Return Policy.


SKU: 60082-S-Blush
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