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Unisex Arm cuff Corset UV Sleeves with glove

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Olive Green
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  • Authentic Brazilian Product
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  • Developed with the most modern technology, seamless reduces friction points.
  • It has strategic ventilation in critical sweat zones, providing high thermal comfort.
  • Internal edges with silicone application so that the cuff does not descend on the arm.
  • Antimicrobial - Sanitizing treatment that prevents the proliferation of odor-causing microorganisms and bacteria.
  • The application of materials that reflect in the dark allows you to practice your sports activities, especially running at night.
  • Nilit Breeze's high-performance fiber provides extreme resistance, icy touch, and a feeling of freshness, ideal support, flexibility, and softness to the finished product.
  • UV 50+ sun protection
  • The use of super opaque polymer results in soft touch and increased ventilation will breeze creates a smooth mesh, which provides a fresh feeling in use.

Unisex AU UV cuff With Lupo glove, made of soft microfiber, it has a tensor effect on the arms. It is indicated for the practice of high-performance physical activities, such as running and cycling. Assists in promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygenation availability, and helping remove lactic acid effectively. With lusas, it guarantees firm support, minimizing muscle vibration, fatigue, swelling, and cramps. Its top is made of internal silicone, ensuring greater firmness and grip. the top and cuff are finished with double fabric. Produced with Nilit® Breeze yarn, it has an icy touch and UV50+ protection, which keeps the wearer cooler and more comfortable during and after physical activity, even in hot climates. It has no seams, capable of reducing friction points. 

Features: Material: Soft Microfiber

Technology: Seamless

Composition: 94% Polyamide and 6% Elastane. 

Genre: Unisex

Authenticity guaranteed

Made in Brazil

Unique size:
Total length 50 cm without stretching
Forearm length from 23 to 31 cm
Biceps circumference 23 to 37 cm

It only covers part of the hand where the thumb and fingers are outside.

Fit Recommendation:

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- If you're between sizes, choose the bigger.
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PID: 7043550478476